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The Swiss hub for wood research

Swiss Wood
Innovation Network

S-WIN promotes innovation through the initiation of forward-looking projects and
thus creates the conditions for the development of competitive products, processes
and know-how in the value chain.

Unee Arbeit
S-WIN Aufgaben: Entwicklung, Förderung, Vernetzung

Our mission

Focus topics

S-WIN organises regular workshops and seminars for its members and the public. These thematically focus on 4 areas of expertise, which are called dialogue platforms:

S-WIN, Wood supply Dialog platform
DP1 – Wood Procurement

The dialogue platform ‘Wood Procurement’
deals with life cycle analyses and examines the
Swiss wood market with the long-term goal
of facilitating wood procurement.

Past workshops and seminars:

Wood construction:

Wooden city: Wüest Partner

May, 11. 2022

Wood construction:

Wood construction in the times of Netto Null

November, 21. 2022

Wood-based materials:

Smart Electronic Furniture

January, 20. 2022

Wood procurement:

Promote hardwood use

November, 03. 2022

Wood procurement:

Wood in the circular economy

December, 02. 2021

Products & Energy from Biomass: 


October, 05. 2022

Wood-based materials:

S-WIN vernissage

May, 24. 2021

Projects of our members

S-WIN Veranstaltungen


S-WIN continuously organises events and occasions on current
topics at Swiss companies and institutions. Find out more about
about upcoming events here.


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