S-WIN regularly organizes events and occasions on current topics for Swiss companies and institutions. S-WIN participates in project groups such as the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform FTP in order to ensure the international integration of Swiss wood research.

Innovation consultations and innovation checks
S-WIN initiates R&D collaborations in confidential talks and brings companies and institutions together. For members, S-WIN analyzes the company’s internal innovation potential free of charge. These innovation checks identify funding opportunities (third-party funding, etc.) and individually developed procedural models describe the necessary steps. Contact our Innovation Manager for further information.

Workshops and feasibility studies
Workshops on the four subject areas ‹wood procurement›, ‹wood-based materials›, ‹timber construction› und ‹products & energy from biomass› are held periodically. Interdisciplinary issues are discussed and tasks are completed with stakeholders in these workshops. Such tasks are e.g. feasibility studies for innovations (from the clarification of the chances of success to the realisation).

S-WIN informs
The office prepares industry-relevant information from Switzerland and the rest of Europe and passes it on filtered to its members. The S-WIN website contains project lists and a competence overview of the various research institutes.



S-WIN promotes cooperation in wood research with various event series.

Dialogue platforms

S-WIN connects researchers and innovative entrepreneurs in thematic workshops.

Innovation management

We support the Wood Action Plan in order to promote the innovative strength of applications and projects.
Project support