Dimitra Vlaskou

  • Innovation manager

Contact Info:

  • dimitra.vlaskou.badra(at)s-win.ch


Dimitra (*1992), graduated from ETH Zurich in 2019 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, during which she acquired a wide range of expertise.

She wrote her Bachelor’s thesis in 2016 in Biomedical Engineering at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil, developing a test to assess the performance of pedicle screws. After returning to ETH Zurich for her Master’s degree, she focused on renewable and distributed energy systems, including investigating the optimal design of CHP systems with thermal energy storage for communities as PV compensation and grid services.

She completed an internship at Lemon Consult AG in 2019, where she worked on the EU project hybridGEOTABS and other projects on building technologies related to renewable and sustainable energy systems.

In her master’s thesis at SusTec, she evaluated wood as a building material for high-rise buildings, looking at technical, environmental, industrial and market aspects.

From 2019 to 2021, she worked for PEFC Switzerland as a project manager responsible for the implementation and coordination of the standard revision as well as for strategic planning in the field of marketing and social media. Between 2019 and 2020, she also supported regional working groups of Lignum and associated professional associations in data collection and processing.

Since 2020, Dimitra Vlaskou has been working as Innovation Manager for S-WIN.