About us

S-WIN connects researchers and innovative entrepreneurs in four fields and works on them by means of three fields of activity.

Products, processes and know-how

S-WIN initiates research and cooperation projects and promotes innovation. S-WIN supports SMEs and forest enterprises in the development of products and processes, e.g. with the aim of increasing competitiveness. In addition, S-WIN tracks developments in the sector and plays a key role in shaping the research strategy.

Networking and knowledge transfer 

S-WIN is the most important contact for companies, research institutions, associations, federal offices and organisations on a national and international level in the field of innovation and research. The interdisciplinary exchange is promoted by exclusive occasions and personal contacts and visits and thus the knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) between economics, research and teachings is promoted.

Interface for European projects

At the European level, S-WIN represents Switzerland in the “Forest-based sector Technology Platform FTP”, compares the programmes with the needs of the industry, provides information and paves the way for participation in projects.


Our goals

  • S-WIN strengthens the Swiss wood-based industry both nationally and internationally by promoting the development of future-oriented and competitive products, processes and planning tools.
  • S-WIN is the leading information platform for basic and applied research and development and initiates innovative projects.
  • S-WIN ensures the transfer of knowledge and technology between industry, society, research and teaching.
  • S-WIN is the interface to international and national R&D institutions, platforms and national funding sources.
  • S-WIN is the point of contact for research policy decisions in the sector.

Our institutions


Our members form the S-WIN knowledge pool and are involved in research projects, workshops and events. S-WIN members benefit from free innovation checks and innovation consultations. They are specifically informed about innovations and activities in research and benefit from discounts at events.

Advisory board

The board sets the priorities and activities for S-WIN. To this end, it prepares proposals for the general assembly. It makes its knowledge available to the members for the initiation of projects as well as for innovation checks and innovation consultations. The Executive Board is headed by three presidents from complementary sectors.

Advisory board members

  • Prof. Andrea Bernasconi, Haute École d’Ingénierie et de gestion – HES-SO/heig-vd, Yverdon-les-Bains
  • Dr. Serge Biollaz, Paul Scherrer Institut, Thermal Process Engineering Group, Villigen
  • Prof. Andrea Frangi, ETH, Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion, Zürich
  • Prof. Christian Hinderling, ZHAW, Institut für Chemie und biologische Chemie,  Wädenswil
  • Daniel Gobbo, Axpo Tegra AG, Domat-Ems
  • Christian Lehringer, Henkel&Cie, Sempach Station
  • Max Renggli, Renggli AG, Sursee
  • Ernest Schilliger, Schilliger Holz AG, Küssnacht am Rigi
  • Roger Schmidt, Amt für Wald des Kantons Bern, Bern
  • Christoph Starck, Lignum Holzwirtschaft Schweiz, Zürich
  • Dr. Oliver Thees, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL, Birmensdorf
  • Dr. Heiko Thömen, Berner Fachhochschule – Architektur, Holz und Bau, Biel/Bienne
  • Prof. Yves Weinand, EPFL ENAC IBOIS, Lausanne
  • Dr. Tanja Zimmermann, Empa, Abteilung Angewandte Holzforschung, Dübendorf


  • Prof. Andrea Frangi, ETH, Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion, Zürich
  • Ernest Schilliger, Schilliger Holz AG, Küssnacht am Rigi
  • Dr. Heiko Thömen, Berner Fachhochschule – Architektur, Holz und Bau, Biel/Bienne

Our network

Company members

Institutional members

National funding agencies


The employees of the office are responsible for the innovation checks, innovation consultations, workshops and events. The office is the interface between industry and research and filters industry-specific information. It makes the information available to members and links companies with funding programmes. In addition, it supports and accompanies the members in initiating R&D projects and is the contact point for national and international questions on innovation and research.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you have any questions:

Evelyn Pöhler
Managing director

Evelyn Pöhler

Thomas Näher
Managing director

Thomas Näher

Olin Bartlome
Innovation manager

Olin Bartlome

Annual reports

Please feel free to check and download the annual reports of S-WIN:


Annual report Aspects 2016/2017

Annual report Apects 2015/2016